From October 28th to November 10th 2015 the retrospective exhibition of the first six years of the Prize has been held at the Sale del Castellare in Urbino. The exhibition has been curated by Nunzia Invernizzi, artistic director of the Prize, and by Andrea Passanisi and Loretta Vandi, who teach at the Liceo Artistico /Scuola del Libro in Urbino. Visual designers Pier Paolo Ceccarini and Flavio Urbinati.

Comments by the visitors have been most appreciative, both in the properly exhibiting section, which included the book “Eleanor”, and various pieces of work produced over the years by students of the Liceo Artistico/Scuola del Libro in  Urbino; and in the multimedial section, with video mapping of the works submitted over the years by all the Licei Artistici of the Marche Region which over the years have taken part in the Prize competition.

In addition to the video mapping, two due QRs allowed to download the text of the book "Eleanor"  in Italian and in English. There were more than 700 visitors, who left very appreciative comments and suggestions for future cooperation and for ways of making the submitted works better known.

Pier Paolo Ceccarini, who with Flavio Urbinati created the Videomapping, interviewed by Gabriele Cavalera
Nunzia Invernizzi, curator of the exhibition, interviewed by Gabriele Cavalera